AFAC Masquerade Gala Dinner 2023

AFAC Masquerade Gala Dinner 2023

A masquerade gala is an opulent affair, draped in mystery and elegance as guests adorned in elaborate masks dance beneath shimmering chandeliers, weaving a tapestry of anonymity and sophistication into the night's festivities,
The styling of a masquerade gala ball is a symphony of decadence and mystery, with rich, flowing fabrics cascading in vibrant hues amidst a backdrop of ornate decorations and flickering candlelight.
Hannover Fairs Australia Pty Ltd
Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
“An exceptional, tailored experience right from the word “go” – The Prop House went absolutely above and beyond to realise our brilliant and elegant masquerade-themed Gala Dinner. Samantha was helpful, flexible, friendly, responsive and so passionate and creative about the delivery of what was a gorgeous evening. Would highly recommend The Prop House for your function – big or small!”

Amy Saleh

Operations Director


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