2022 Trend Report

2022 Trend Report

Welcome January. That “refresh and revitalise” feeling has well and truly kicked in as we put pen to paper with new goals and aspirations for the year to come. This year’s trends are filled with energy, play and wonder and, we are here for it. Think child-like excitement and the ability to let your mind travel to new surroundings, as we pause for a moment and leave any mid-pandemic stress behind. Maybe you’re envisioning yourself as an Emily in Paris or a Carry Bradshaw in New York or longing to get 007 suited and booted; let your imagination run wild and allow yourself to tap into what brings you your “joie de vivre*” this year.


Our 2022 trend report reflects the freedom and back-to-basics playfulness we are all longing for. Invigorating lilacs and harmonious harbour-blues have introduced themselves, creating a balance of vitality and stillness. Whilst powdered coral and mahogany brown provide the masculine/feminine energy we need to dive feet first into a new, exciting, and energetic year ahead.




This year allow yourself to daydream of childhood freedom. It’s time to think outside the box on how you can activate your space and bring in nostalgia with a modern twist. During 2021 we witnessed the eruption of dancing videos, how-to craft blogs and remakes of some of our favourite Disney movies. Now is the time to play to your heart’s content. Maybe hold a crafternoon with some of your nearest and dearest or a back-yard games day with family. This trend is all about abundance and creating more of those happy moments by letting go of confining restrictions.




Double-tapping city escapes will become a thing of the past with this laid back-European-chic trend. Last year we saw the rise of bohemian studio spaces filled with paint pots and abstract art, plants, and light fabrics. Minimal but statement, this trend encapsulates the iconic feeling of the French capital as we combine washes of sandstone with palatial velvets, copper accents and night-sky navy. Celebrate your loved ones with a dinner party filled with cosmopolitan’s and a polaroid-moment as you take your soiree from day to night.



Summer in a nutshell. Whether it be the hues of your grapefruit gin on a balmy evening or the tint on your cheeks after a day in the sun, the romantic shades of coral are here to stay for the rest of the season. Retail stores and cafes have adopted this zesty interior trend to pair perfectly with biophilic greens and rattan furnishings. Mix with arching doorways and orbicular lighting and serve with a garnish of palms for a cocktail of 70s tropic with a modern twist.






Classic and seamless, let the minimalist inside enjoy the ride. Statement lounges invite deep conversations, where marble coffee tables provide a surface for board games and charcuterie boards. Feel the softness of sheep skin beneath your feet providing comforting elements in a modern environment, whilst the scent of suede and leather dance in the atmosphere. This avant-garde trend encapsulates quality over quantity as we infuse the masculine with the feminine.



Bright, bold and effervescent the neon jungle trend is an explosion of colour. Exaggerate the elements of the rainforest with a 3mH birdcage drenched mirror balls and fuschia foliage and embrace the chaos with an abundance of greenery cascading from the ceiling. Bamboo seating pods will invite guests to mingle and custom neon signage will add a tongue-in-cheek element to your event. Create an immersive experience with wandering fire breathers, the sounds of the jungle and subtle mist makers for a feast for the senses – a trend that will never go out of fashion.



Tranquil and harmonious, deep ocean blue is a staple in all forms of design this year. Blue’s attributes of creating a soothing environment make it a perfect block colour to use as a foundation, before complimenting with white to lift, timber for texture and rustic metals for a nautical influence. String a festoon lights above for an alfresco dinner party and serve fresh seafood and white wine to transport your guests to a European town on the water’s edge. A popular trend amongst rooftop bars and cocktail venues to recreate that “vacation” sensation with lounge beds, poolside beats and statement nautical furnishings. Which destination are you dreaming of?



Surrounded by fresh country air, yellow meadows that seem to stretch for miles and the twinkle of festoon lights as the day turns to night, Bohemian Backyard is a trend that ignites all the senses. Vintage pre-loved props such as rustic carts filled with ice for beers and wine or old ladders that have been repurposed into shelves for tea lights and eucalyptus are must-have items for this special occasion. Rummage through thrift stores or markets for mix-matched furniture and lay the earth with Persian rugs for comfort. 

At-home celebrations never looked so lovely. 


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