How to: Activate Shopping Centres

How to: Activate Shopping Centres

School and seasonal holidays are, for most, a time for families and friends to enjoy quality time together. This may come in the form of social activities, shopping, gifting, dining, and travel. The pinch of the economy has unfortunately impacted majority of Australians, who are seeking low-cost ideas to entertain young children and refresh their home without breaking the bank.

In an over-stimulating digital world, capturing everyone’s attention can be a HUGE challenge. Over 74% of people are tired of social media advertising (SurveyMonkey) and crave connection and community more than ever. It’s time to make niche the norm by focusing on those already loyal to the shopping precinct with initiatives catered to your demographic during the holidays!


Craft Station/Workshop Space

Seasonal craft workshops for kids add an engaging and educational element to shopping centres, offering parents a reason to spend more time in the mall while their children are entertained. These workshops also foster a sense of human connection and create positive associations with the centre, potentially leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat visits.


The Prop House Collective team are great to work with and provide clear, responsive communication. They provide vibrant, fun event sets and do all the installation themselves. They stock a huge range of event props and furniture suited to any theme and will help your vision come to life!

Cailey, Marketing Executive at Capalaba Central.

Workshop ideas for the:

  • Health and Wellness lovers – free dance classes, themed mini golf activation, cooking classes, gardening workshops, or pot painting.
  • Sweet tooth – cupcake decorating, Christmas cookie decorating, Halloween bobbing apples/trick or treating, or Easter egg hunt.
  • Future Scientists – DIY slime workshop, paper airplane making, or kitchen chemistry workshop.
  • Creatives – flower crown workshop, carnival hat decorating, origami workshops, maraca making and decorating.
  • Christmas obsessed – Santa’s toy making workshop, write a letter to Santa, DIY Christmas ornaments, wreath decorating, stocking making and decorating.


Photo Moment

A simple photo moment goes a long way. Snap happy families spread insta-worthy moments instantaneously with the click of a button.
Photo backdrops are perfect for shopping centres because they provide a fun and interactive way for visitors to capture memorable moments while shopping. They enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the centre and can attract more foot traffic, contributing to a vibrant atmosphere.

Utilising your branding, our team can design and install a photo backdrop that is interactive and captivating with trending colours and motifs to suit the season. A simple Mother’s Day moment, or a Halloween haunted house sets the mood for the space along with providing everlasting memories.


Wrapping/Gift Station

For those short on time with special holidays that have crept up too quickly, a one-stop gift and wrapping station is perfect for bustling customers. Father’s/Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and Easter are necessities to promote engagement throughout the year. Wrapping stations are a great way to show your customers that you are thinking of the smaller details that will make their lives easier – ensuring they are aesthetically pleasing is a plus!


To lock in a year of interactive, community-driven activations, chat to our Visual Merchandising experts, Rosie and Josh. Or, to receive a copy of our 2024 Activations Trends guide, email