Interview With Our Master Props Builder

Give it a go. Make things. Have fun.

Have you ever driven past The Prop House and wondered, “What on earth do they do in there?” Maybe you’ve seen beautifully styled events, mall windows or shop shelves and wished you knew more about how it was done, and by whom. Well, we are here to answer all of your queries!

This week’s interview is a pretty special one.

Russ, our Prop Builder, is a living legend among the team here.

It seems like there wasn’t a time when his hard-working, knowledgeable and cheeky presence wasn’t felt at The Prop House – he is the bread and butter of our crew! Based off-site at our warehouse, Russ is responsible for crafting custom props from scratch, revitalising tired props and building whole structures for our Visual Merchandising sisters.

It’s a demanding job, and one that involves an incredible amount of practical skill – but any mention of birthday cake in the office and Russ is there in a heartbeat.