Party Themes: What's in store for 2024

Party Themes: What's in store for 2024

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Meet Lauren and Sam, our Event Stylists who love nothing more than organisation, coordination and making sure your event will look FABULOUS.

These girls are design powerhouses who are always on top of new trends when it comes to any celebration, whether it be a 1,000 person gala dinner or an intimate birthday bash at home. With Valentine’s/Galentine’s* Day approaching, we thought what better timing than to find out what is on their radar for this year’s must-have party themes.

*when a group of girls gather and celebrate their friendship over dinner or an activity


What upcoming trends in event styling do you foresee becoming popular this year? How do you stay ahead of the curve and incorporate these trends into your work?

Lauren: Retro Glam will have its moment this year. It’s timeless monochrome colour palette, ceiling installations of florals and mirror balls, checkered flooring and whimsical signage is perfect for a cocktail function or dinner party. It’s almost like Art Deco with a contemporary twist!

retro glam mood board for event styling

Retro Glam

1. Chandelier Beaded Clear 30cmD x 147cmH 2. Mirror Ball 50cm 3. Dry Bar Metal Chrome 62cmW x 1mH 4. Stool Geometric Black 1.6mH x 49cmW 5. Silver Candle Holder Centrepiece

Sam: The vintage tennis aesthetic has really made a comeback. I’m currently working on an outdoor event proposal which includes custom arches in a forest green with fresh florals and deck chair seating – very Wimbledon! This theme also works perfectly for a brand or children’s play activation as it can be easily made interactive and fun.

Court Sports

1. Chandelier Basket Bamboo White 58cmD x 58cmH 2. Chandelier Round Rattan Green 50cmD x 50cmH 3. Backdrop Arch Dark Green 1mW x 2mH 4. Lounge Havana 2 Seater 1.10mL 5. Cup Trophy Plastic Gold 30cmD x 57cmH

Lauren: We are also loving the vintage Valentine’s theme for this coming year. Luckily, we have a novelty sized pink stiletto on hand for seasonal brand activations!

Valentines Day Galentines Day stylingHead Over Heels

1. Telephone Vintage Red 20cmD x 24cmW 2. Heart Red Acrylic 50cmD x 56cmH 3. Heart Kiss Me Wooden Red 30cmW x 30cmH 4. Novelty Shoe High Heel Fibreglass Pink 2.1mH x 2.5mL x 80cmW 5. Chair Tiffany Clear 36cmW x 92cmH x 40cmD

Can you share some insights into the creative process you go through when conceptualizing and planning the overall aesthetic for an event? How do you ensure your designs align with current trends while also reflecting the client's vision?

Sam: We utilise worldwide trend forecasting platforms to ensure we are ahead of the curve when it comes to designing a brief. Firstly, we listen to what the client is hoping to achieve with their event, and then work on a mood board, colour palette and source props from our inventory to make the event come to life – we even upcycle a lot of our stock with fresh finishes and colours to ensure the items are perfect for that specific celebration.

Lauren: We work closely with our Graphic Artist, Kim who takes our design ideas and works her magic to create to-scale visuals of how the styling will look on site. This helps us in knowing what will work and what won’t and provides the client with an example of the styling to make any adjustments if needed!

moodboard and digital artwork example

Prior to designing, we offer a complimentary site inspection to ensure that we are working with the venue’s fixtures, décor and aesthetic and walk through with the client to discuss the elements they would like styled.

Do you have a showroom of items that the public can come and see? Are they able to hire directly from your store for their own event?

Lauren: We do! If you’re in SE QLD and happen to be spending some time in Brisbane, come and visit us in Coorparoo – we have a wonderful showroom that is decorated in trending themes with props ready to be hired directly off the shelf.

Sam: You can either hire us to style your event for you, or clients can walk in and hire themselves. Be sure to check out our hire shop on the website to see what we have available – the list in endless!

If you had to choose one trend to go and one trend to stay, what would you choose and why?

Sam: There aren’t any themes I would necessarily vet, although I would revamp Enchanted Garden with a fresh twist – maybe with an injection of neon, or even incorporate futuristic digital elements and make it immersive. I would keep Hollywood Glam – who doesn’t love a luxe red-carpet moment?

Lauren: As much as I loved the Barbie moment, I feel that we are ready for a fresh colour palette this year – maybe Pantone’s colour of the year of Peach Fuzz will be the new pink!

As for a trend I would keep, Neon Rainforest would be on top of my list for an event I would love to style this year, inspired by the colours and vibe of Tulum in Mexico – leopards are also my spirit animal…

moodboard for a modern jungle theme party

Modern Jungle

1. Chandelier Round Natural 46cmD x 30cmH 2. Chandelier Apel Round Natural 50cmD x 60cmD 3. Tiki Bar Bamboo 1.7mL x 66cmW x 2.4mH 4. Giraffe Resin 53cmL x 55cmW x 2.4mH

To see Lauren and Sam’s work in action, click here to check out the gallery or visit our showroom at 1135 Stanley St East, Coorparoo, or book a free consultation at 3555 8660