We chat to Monika about all things Christmas decorating!

Hey Mon! Could you please tell us the main aspects of your role?
Working closely with our Christmas Designers, my team and I are responsible for lighting, decorating, and packaging Christmas foliage ready to be installed all around SE QL. We are handed what we call a “trim sheet” by our design team (which is a list of decorations we need to prepare for a confirmed job) then we prepare the stock and get started on the decorating!

What type of clients does The Prop House work with?

A HUGE variety – we cater to large corporate companies, right through to hospitality venues and well-known hotels (such as Spicer’s Retreat, Balfour, Hyatt Regency), St Andrew’s and the Children’s Hospital, government venues such as Parliament House and QPAC and an array of shopping centres from Westfield’s and QIC’s…the list goes on!

What sort of foliage do you decorate?
Anything as small as a 1m wreath to a 7.3mH Christmas tree! Each job varies based on colour palette, budget, and the overall style of Christmas our clients are after. From traditional gold and red to an iridescent candyland, we are always looking for innovative ideas to bring these concepts to life.

This year we are even creating a Christmas tree out of wooden crates! Our designers are always researching upcoming trends months in advance that will create an everlasting memory for our clients. When possible, we also repurpose and redecorate most of our clients pre-loved trees for many years to keep things fresh and sustainable where we can.

What are some hot decorating tips that you’ve learnt since working at The Prop House?

So many! Decorating can be totally customisable depending on the size of the wreath, garland, or tree but we do have a few foundations that we tend to stick to when designing and embellishing.


It sounds funny – but it’s a term we use to ensure the foliage nice and full prior to trimming. To do this, we take each branch and spread out the stems in opposite directions so that no part of the foliage is flat. Especially after being in storage or boxed for 12 months, they always need a little bit of TLC. We then take a step back to see if there are any gaps that need more love, and then we decorate!


When it comes to lighting a Christmas tree, we use a special technique that distributes the lights evenly from top to bottom! Beginning at the top, we decorate a tree in sections. We create a diamond shape by going top, right, down left and then keep going from there until this section of the tree is finished. We then use as many packs of lights as we need until the base is complete!

You can also choose from warm, bright or multicoloured lights depending on your decorating preference.


We tend to pick a variety of finishes as sizes when it comes to baubles. Once you’ve chosen your colour palette, keep it simple by choosing baubles in a shiny, matte and glitter finish to give your foliage dimension and depth.

For a standard 2.4mH Nordic tree, we choose baubles that vary in sizes from 70mm – 200mm. We then begin decorating by placing the largest baubles first and then fill in the spaces from there.

Once the baubles are on, if you’re looking to up the ante further, we like to place what we can “pick and sprays” as a finishing touch! These can vary from poinsettias to glitter curls, leaves and feathers or even elf and Santa legs!

What are 3 pieces of advice you would give to someone who would like to work with you?
Christmas really is the “most wonderful time of the year” however, it is also our busiest! This means that we are required to work to tight deadlines as our install calendar fills up so quickly. We service all throughout SE QLD therefore it’s important we are organised and are meticulous when it comes to attention to detail to ensure all of our decorations are delivered looking fabulous for our clients.

It’s also important to be reliable and work well within a team. This time of year calls for long hours of manual labour and as the weather is so warm in Australia during these months, we make sure we are always hydrated (with water and caffeine) and well rested when we can!

During down time, nothing beats driving through the city or shopping at a Westfield and seeing your creations being adored by others. We also face new challenges and design enquiries every year which means we grow, learn and become better for the next!

Thanks Mon!

Be a part of the fun and join the team! Send through your resume to office@theprophouse.com.au or pop into our showroom for a chat at 1135 Stanley St East, Coorparoo.