How are you envisioning your life this year? Is it to be filled with adventure and creation, slowing down and reconnecting, or focus and determination, (or all of the above?!).
Our little House is home to diverse and wonderful human beings who gather their inspiration from a multitude of avenues in preparation for the year ahead. Here is how 2023 looks for them…

One of my main aspirations this year is to draw and create more. I’d like to make a conscious effort to fine tune my hand motor skills and brush up on creative techniques I’ve learnt over the years. Brisbane is home to so many cool classes now from painting, life drawing, ceramics and jewellery making therefore inspiration is right on our doorstep. One of my go-to places for inspiration is Violette Fr, a French make-up artist who has taught me a lot about the use of colour and texture as well as being an advocate for being bold and unafraid when it comes to trying something new.

This year, sun-baked pigments of terracotta and dried clay compliment a variety of materials and interiors with their calming attributes. In conjunction with energetic yellows and organic greens, these pigments invite alfresco Summer celebrations that take place from sun up to sun down for any January/February babies, engagement parties or baby showers. After the rush and abundance of Christmas, long lunches and beachside picnics with simple props and DIY tablescapes are a lighthearted and affordable way to reconnect with loved ones.

This time of year is a favourite of mine, as we revisit our showroom displays and prop collections and refresh anything that may need a new lease of life and source new items for our clients to enjoy for years to come!

This year, one of our goals is to be more sustainable in our Visual Merchandising practice. With quality and longevity in mind, we work with small business’ to source props and materials for our displays and have a fantastic crew on the ground to bring our designs to life. Our calendar is filled with important holiday dates from Valentines Day to Easter, Halloween to Christmas and ideas on how to elevate these seasonal displays each year.

Trend wise, there is still so much to love about a Mediterranean moment. Quirky motifs of crustaceans, cerulean blues and crisp linens, rustic textures and organic shapes, to name a few. This is a trend we can definitely see continuing into 2023, (with a VM+ twist!).

We’re just a little bit in love with Pantone’s colour of the year. Viva Magenta is sultry, energetic and daring whether it be in the form of fresh florals or a punchy neon.
Always striving to be industry leaders in our field, we customise each event with current trends in mind, whilst putting in our own Prop House approach. Not only do we look within Australia for these trends, we reach out to Pinterest, WGSN, insider event blogs and fellow event designers worldwide to stimulate designs bigger and better each year. Watch this space as we foresee a year of Moulin Rouge, Cirque de Soleil and Hollywood inspired events…

Pssst….Our showroom is currently cocooning as it transforms from Christmas into a beautiful seasonal treasure trove. For any styling enquiries, we’d love to chat! Email our stylists at or call 07 3555 8660 x