Jano Kotzas & Vinnies CEO Sleepout: A Commitment to Combat Homelessness

Jano Kotzas & Vinnies CEO Sleepout: A Commitment to Combat Homelessness

Our founder, Jano Kotzas, has participated in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout for four consecutive years, driven by a profound sense of empathy and a commitment to making a difference. Each night, as she returns to her warm bed and loving family, she is reminded of the stark reality faced by many who sleep rough every single night.

For Jano, the Vinnies CEO Sleepout is deeply personal. The alarming rise in homelessness, especially among women over 55, resonates with her on a personal level. "Knowing that so many women my age are sleeping in their cars or on the streets is heartbreaking," she shares. This drives her to not only raise funds but also raise awareness about the critical issue of homelessness. Preparing for the Sleepout involves more than just ensuring she has warm clothes. Jano spends considerable time networking and encouraging others to get involved or donate. 

Her goal this year was to raise $25,000, a testament to her unwavering dedication to the cause. Vinnies has pledged to build 500 homes in the next five years, and every donation brings them closer to that goal. Jano's message to other CEOs and business leaders is clear: "Homelessness is not just happening to 'those' people; it can happen to anyone. Participating in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout is a powerful way to show support and help raise funds for those in need."

Through her participation, Jano hopes to dispel misconceptions about homelessness. It's not just the stereotypical image of an old man on the street; it's families, children, and increasingly, older women. She recalls a powerful moment from a past Sleepout, where a simple display of a backpack with minimal essentials underscored the stark reality faced by many. 

Jano's commitment extends beyond just participating. She aims to break the stigma surrounding homelessness, highlighting domestic violence as a leading cause. By supporting organisations like Vinnies, we can provide the direct support and resources needed to help those experiencing homelessness. 

Reflecting on this year’s Sleepout, Jano is grateful for the outpouring of support and donations that have helped her reach her fundraising goal. We are super proud to say that Jano has now raised over $70,000 over the last four years. These funds raised will significantly contribute to Vinnies’ mission of building homes and providing essential services to those in need. 

Although the event has now concluded, the mission to combat homelessness continues. Jano encourages everyone to remain engaged, donate when possible, and support initiatives that aim to provide safe and secure housing for all. Thank you to everyone who supported Jano and the Vinnies CEO Sleepout. Your contributions have made a significant impact on the lives of those experiencing homelessness. Let’s continue to work together to make a difference in our community.

Learn more about Vinnies CEO Sleepout here: https://www.ceosleepout.org.au/fundraisers/janokotzas/queensland

Thank you for your support.