Keep on top of your creativity with mood boards

Keep on top of your creativity with mood boards

Putting together a mood board can seem challenging and an overwhelming task however if you follow some simple steps, it can turn into a fun and inspirational outlet. Bringing together a collection of colours, textures, images, and fonts can help get the ideas out of your head and into a beautiful visual. Extremely versatile, part of the fun is to source images that are going to inspire you to reach your goals or become a starting point for an exciting work or personal project. So..where do you start? You’re not alone, here’s our tips on how best to create masterpiece mood boards.

You could create two types of mood boards, one, physical or digital. Both methods have their benefits however it depends on what outcome you’re wanting to achieve. A physical mood board of all different cut outs from magazines, different fabrics and elements all stuck to a pin board is dramatic and tactile bringing a sense of reality to the board. A digital mood board gives you the freedom to seamlessly cut and paste different images for a neater finish and is of course, easier to present.


When first starting your mood board, pick one colour palette that suits your project to guide the aesthetic of the whole board. To really enhance colour on your mood boards, add in items that are your chosen colour as well as paint swatches in a variety of complimentary tones to really emphasise the look. The images you include don’t have to be exact replicas of what you’re wanting to produce, they’re simply inspirational images that define your ideas.

The great thing about mood boards is there is no right or wrong. You can do any type of layout that suits your vision. The best way to start is by laying out all your elements in front of you and then add to your board, piece by piece and before you know it, you’ve created a personalised mood board.

Start getting your scissors into some magazines, collect materials that catch your eye and pick that flower on your walk home because you never know when they could come in handy. If you see an image on the internet or a certain font you like, screen shot it, save it for a later date. Everything happens in time; you won’t find everything you’re looking for straight away.