2021 Trend Forecast

2021 Trend Forecast

2021 Trend Forecast


Fresh, fun, and effervescent are some of the words that come to mind for what colour trends are to come in 2021. We saw millennial pink have its moment during 2019, true blue took the stage in 2020 and this year, zesty illuminating yellow has squeezed its way to number one.

Pastel tones have turned it up a notch and have jumped from dreamy to gleamy and we are in love.

Filled with diversity, yellows punchiness can be associated with practicality and strength. When accompanied with lilacs and greens, it softens and warms its surroundings, lightens the room, and reminds us of the sunshine – the perfect Summer concoction.

Being on trend is something we like to pride ourselves on, and to do so, we have revamped some of our most-loved items and given them a new lease on life. (Yes, those cacti are lilac and yellow!).

Now to book in that Palm Springs party you have always been California-dreaming of, pick your props and get snap happy!

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Picture yourself in a forest, surrounded by the sounds of birds chirping, the wind blowing and, in the distance, the subtle, ever satisfying “pop” of a bottle of bubbles..

Wedding season is every season and much like the leaves on the trees, trends will come and go, they evolve and adapt, and yet each year we find ourselves crushing on the perfect bohemian elopement.

Eclectic patterns, mismatched vintage furniture, thrifted items and upcycled treasures are some of the key elements to dressing your special day. Layer Persian rugs as a cosy base for your seating pods, utilise old luggage as table tops and light the sky with strings of festoons and wax dripping candles here.



The harmonious Japandi trend is a balanced mixture of textures and tones influenced by Japanese and Scandinavian design. Each item is purposefully situated to utilise space and light, creating a minimal and well-thought out surrounding. 

Throughout the trend, shades of oatmeal and terracotta are prevalent along with organic shapes, natural fibres, and carefully selected foliage.

Almost like a well-travelled cousin to the Biophilic trend from 2020, Japandi is the perfect combination of two beautiful styles from opposite ends of the globe.

The ultimate chill zone is only a few props away


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