Wedding Reception Styling

Wedding Reception Styling

With a considerable number of weddings being postponed due to COVID-19 the wedding atmosphere is a little low… so we thought we’d give you some inspiration as restrictions lift and more guests can now attend your special day!

There are a few apparent trends currently, we’ve picked some of our favourites to help inspire the décor for your special day.

Boho Chic

Incorporating gorgeously warm earthy tones and natural textures think like bamboo, Pampas grass and bushels of wheat or barley is a great way to accentuate this soft feminine look.

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Rattan peacock chairs are not only an absolute must ‘feature’ element for this style, but they also give a great vantage point for the bride and groom, to experience the night, while ensuring they remain the focus. No need to worry about creating a photo backdrop, these are a photo opportunity in themselves guaranteeing you walk away from your special day with gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime. The epitome of ‘bohemian’, they can be used ‘as is’, for floral embellishments, or used as the central focus around which other styling elements can be added.

Rustic Farmhouse

From shearing sheds to barns, these beautifully rural structures create a stunning aesthetic for your special day, requiring minimal styling to truly bring them to life. The key here is to work with the structure, not against it. Juxtapose the harsh textures of tin & timber with the soft elegance of chiffon and choose furniture that looks as if it belongs –chunky timber tables and sturdy folding chairs – just perfect!

Breath life into the old space with two more key styling elements; lighting and fresh florals. Cultivate the natural scent of freshly cut eucalyptus, to compliment the aromas of aged hardwood to create an all-consuming, sensory experience your guests are sure to remember.  

The real magic in this style of venue is watching its transition as the daylight hours pass. Open and airy early in your day; and becoming increasingly intimate and cosy, through twilight into the sun’s regular retirement – each adjustment in suns height revealing a new perspective on the structure, its history, and your time within.

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Once it invariably and reliably does – your chosen lighting elements will really come into their own and become pivotal in setting the tone for the rest of the evening. Again here, work with the venue – Edison bulb festoon lights or exposed bulbs with rusty safety frames are perfect, or of course fairy lights! By the hundred (Who can ever have enough!?). Whichever style you choose think about their ‘drop’, hang them low to give the illusion of a lower ceiling height, creating a more intimate feel – and always, always, always use warm toned lighting.

Climbing in popularity, these timeless trends owe their success to their elegance and simplicity – they have developed and evolved over the years and now, with these tips; you become their master.

We have put together a look book of some of our products that we believe encompass these themes:  

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