How to style: PICNICS!

With an abundance of city view lookouts, riverside hills and open-aired parks, Brisbane’s picnic culture is one of the city’s unique elements. Saturday’s and Sunday’s of gathering the troops, a blanket, a basket of goodies and some bubbles has become a ritual, especially with Queensland’s crisp Winter air in full swing.

If you are thinking of creating an insta-worthy setting, keep reading for our ultimate on-trend alfresco tips.


Although in the open air, to build intimacy and coziness begin with a variety of rugs, cushions and blankets. Choosing a neutral-toned base such as a Jute Rug will help when choosing a colour palette and patterns for your other furnishings. Start layering a mixture various sized cushions for comfort and extra style; such as bold print, block colours and complimenting materials, and disperse…(1.5m apart!).


Ensuring that your guest/s are content, comfortable and feeling amazing – mixing in some funky seating alternatives will provide them with the option to put their feet up and relax. Moroccan ottomans are perfect for a bohemian soiree, small timber stools that can also be used as a coffee table alternative, or if you want to really kick it back, the deck chair is always a winner.


Here’s the fun part! Decorating the table may seem like a daunting task, although mixing the old and the new is a great way to add uniqueness and dimension to the setting. Think quirky Op shop glassware combined with elegant charger plates and delicate illuminating centerpieces ready for grazing plates to be added. Make it seasonal with fresh foliage, add textures with rouched linen table runners and set the mood with some fairy lights.

Palette furniture is also a well-loved furniture item and already has a beautiful aesthetic. Wooden tables are great at adding light texture without being too vibrant. Palette crates are also great seating and small coffee table options! 

We have put together pre-designed packages here catered to everyone that includes all the above aspects (quick, effective and stylish!) and our catering friends at Wine n Dine’m have also joined to offer top tier packages of nibbles and beverages. Contact our Prop Stylist at props@theprophouse.com.au to reserve your items!

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Happy Picnic-ing!