Year 12 Formals

Year 12 Formals

The formal is one of the most important events during the final year of schooling. Parents may think exams and homework are top priority, but we all know the formal takes the cake… Sorry mum and dad!

Due to COVID-19, we aren’t able to celebrate the way we used to however, seniors of 2020 still deserve to celebrate in style. Let’s get creative and use the facilities we have on site as the venue like your school hall, gym, basketball courts and transform them to look unrecognisable.

Theming for the formal has never been so important when trying to convert the school gym into a venue like BCEC. A style we’re seeing a lot of at the moment is the silver, white diamond look, very ‘winter wonderland’ vibes and we’re absolutely loving it! While this style alone is stunning, why not make it your own and add a pop of colour to spice up the evening, maybe your school colour?

You can’t go wrong with this look. A few styling tips to take note of…


When styling a large event, table centerpieces are super important. The centerpiece is the main focal point as students arrive at their tables so these should make a statement. Alternating centerpieces at each table keeps things interesting and boosts the overall look of the table setting.

Mirror discs and crystal items are a great addition to centerpiece arrangements as they catch every light reflection in the room and bounce in all different directions which creates dimension and affluence to the room styling.


Lighting features such as chandeliers, wonderful light curtains or a fairy light ceiling really create an impact and will transform your school gym into a beautiful offsite venue in no time. No one likes to sit in the dark so LED up lights and stage lighting should be situated around the room to create some intimate lighting. Have fun with these, have some subtly change colour during the night or slowly rotating from side to side.


Floor length table clothes are great to use so you can use any type of table underneath and no one will know. You can also use your own chairs that you have at your school and cover them with some white chair covers dressed with some coloured sashes to elevate them to the next level. Alternatively, bring a touch of elegance to the table with some white or clear tiffany chairs.

This is the most magical night of a high school experience, so the theming of the formal must be memorable. Our styling team has the knowledge of the current trends and are here to help style this magical night. By bringing all these elements together, the space will transform from blank to beautiful, oozing a stunning winter wonderland feel. Giving the students the opportunity to celebrate their achievements and dance the night away with their friends under the stars.

If you have a formal coming up, contact our styling team via phone or email on 07 3555 8660 or